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The Armenian Historical Association of Rhode Island (AHARI) is dedicated to those Armenian immigrants and refugees who settled in Rhode Island and contributed directly to their new state and country.  We see this as a way to express our gratitude to our ancestors.  Our aim is to establish a vital avenue of information for our descendants and fellow Rhode Islanders about the heritage of the Armenians.

AHARI was organized in 1997 to participate in the Heritage Harbor Museum and Library.  The concept of Heritage Harbor was to focus on how the various ethnic and racial groups came to Rhode Island, lived, worked and contributed to Rhode Island History.  Although the Heritage Harbor Museum did not materialize, the AHARI organization continues to pursue its dream of telling the story of Armenian immigrants, past and present, and their contribution to Rhode Island history.



ahari_logo_iconAHARI is proud to introduce our association’s new logo. The use of the Armenian letter “A” melding into the American letter “A” symbolizes the linking of the past to the present.