Organized in the fall of 1997, the Armenian Historical Association of Rhode Island chartered itself to promote Armenian culture, heritage and history.

AHARI is a consortium of 21 existing cultural, political and religious groups who have representation as Board Members of the Association plus 00 non-affiliated individuals.

AHARI is committed to exhibiting artifacts, books, periodicals, photographs and tapes of Armenian life in RI. The exhibitions will be dedicated to and focus on those immigrants and refugees who settled in Rhode Island and provides the opportunity to preserve and archive the stories of our Armenian ancestors and to tell future generations who the early and present Rhode Island Armenians were and what special achievements they made to our state and community.
In addition, AHARI is developing an immigrant data base that will enable visitors to access the migratory path of one’s ancestors through links to local and national resources.

The Association encourages support from a non-voting membership of interested Rhode Island residents of Armenian descent who were born, settled or had previously lived here. It is those individuals who recognize the need to preserve our individual and collective heritage. Volunteers are also welcome to join AHARI and to support the organization in achieving its goals.